What do you do with an old helmet?

What do you do with an old helmet?

What to Do with an Old Helmet: Creative and Responsible Options


When it comes to safety gear, helmets are an essential component for various activities, such as cycling, motorcycling, and certain sports. Over time, helmets can wear out, become outdated, or simply be replaced with newer models. The question then arises: what should you do with an old helmet? In this article, we’ll explore a range of creative and responsible options to consider, ensuring that your old one doesn’t go to waste.

1. Repurpose for Art and Crafts

Unleash Your Creativity

One unique way to give your old helmet new life is to repurpose it for art and crafts projects. With some paint, adhesive, and a dash of imagination, your helmet can become a captivating piece of decor. Whether you turn it into a flowerpot, a quirky lampshade, or an eye-catching sculpture, repurposing your helmet offers a chance to express your artistic flair and create a conversation starter for your home.

Helmet-themed Memorabilia

If the helmet holds sentimental value – perhaps it accompanied you on memorable rides or sports events – transforming it into a piece of memorabilia can be a wonderful idea. Shadow boxes, frames, or display cases can be used to showcase your helmet along with photos, medals, or tickets from the events it was a part of. This way, you preserve the memories associated with the helmet while integrating it into your living space.

2. Donate for Safety Education

Sharing Knowledge and Safety

Donating your old one to organizations focused on safety education is a responsible way to extend its usefulness. Many institutions, especially those dedicated to teaching road safety, provide demonstrations using older helmets to showcase the importance of proper head protection. By contributing your old helmet, you’re directly contributing to raising awareness and preventing accidents.

Community Centers and Schools

Local community centers, schools, and youth organizations may also welcome old helmets for use in workshops and classes. These helmets can be employed in activities that teach children about bike safety, fitting, and the significance of protective gear. By donating your old helmet, you’re investing in the safety and education of future generations.

3. Recycle Responsibly

Materials Matter

Helmets are often made from a combination of materials, including plastics, foam padding, and fabric straps. While these materials can pose recycling challenges due to their composition, some facilities specialize in recycling complex products. Research local recycling centers or programs that accept helmets, and ensure they have the capability to properly dismantle and process the materials.

do you do with an old helmet

Eco-friendly Helmet Recycling Initiatives

In recent years, a growing number of eco-friendly initiatives have emerged that focus on recycling sports equipment, including helmets. These programs aim to minimize the environmental impact of old helmets by carefully disassembling them and repurposing their components. Supporting such initiatives not only keeps your helmet out of landfills but also contributes to the development of sustainable recycling practices. Read more here.

4. Upcycling for Functional Use

Helmet Storage Solutions

Repurposing old helmets for functional use around the house can be a clever solution. For instance, helmets can be transformed into unique storage units – ideal for hanging keys, coats, or scarves. With a bit of creativity, you can turn your helmet into an innovative wall-mounted organizer that adds a touch of personality to your space.

Gardening Guardian

Another practical application for old helmets is to convert them into quirky gardening companions. By placing the helmet upside down and filling it with soil, you can create a distinctive planter. Plant flowers or succulents in the helmet, and watch as your garden gains an amusing and unexpected focal point.


When faced with the question of what to do with an old helmet, the possibilities are both creative and responsible. Whether you choose to repurpose it for art, donate it to safety education initiatives, recycle its materials, or upcycle it for functional use, you can ensure that your old helmet continues to make a positive impact even after its intended use. By considering these options, you can contribute to both your personal creativity and the well-being of your community while minimizing environmental waste.

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